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Microbiology on Space Station 2020

A day on Space Station 2020 with Henna Rashid - An interactive visit to Space Station 2020.

Introduction to Microbiology on the Space Station 2020 - What account has to be taken of microbes on a space station, from design to operation.
Food Preparation  - On Space Station 2020.
Waste Management - How to process sewage and garbage in space.
Control of Infection - How to look after the health of the crew on a space station.
Metal Munchers - Microbes that attack inorganic structures and systems.
Biomedical Research - What microbiological research will be conducted in space?
Deep Space Missions - What are the medical and other biological needs of manned missions to the planets.
Protecting Earth... - Is Earth in danger of contamination by alien microbes and how can we protect other planets from Earth biology.

General Pages
What is Microbiology?
Early History of Microbiology
Some Famous Microbiologists and their Discoveries

Practical Projects and Exercises
Experiment with Enzymes
Using Microscopes
Make a waste water recycling system
Alien Soil cultures
Teachers' Notes for Experiments
Exercises in Microbiology

Knowledge Challenges
The Search for Life in Space
Microbiology on the Space Station
Microbiology in the Rainforest

Microbiology Index - The Search for Life in Space
Microbiology Index - Microbiology in the Rainforest
Microbiology Links and Bibliography
Microbiology Definitions
Microbiology Credits


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