Vicki in 1963, age 11 at Lovefield Airport Dallas, Texas

About Vicki Lynn

Vicki B. Lynn: Creator/Writer/Director – Executive Producer – Founding Partner Ms. Lynn is President of Satellite Events Enterprises, Inc. as well as the creator and executive producer of the Guardians of the Millennium Project. She is a specialist in international television and new media production and development. Ms. Lynn has served as a producer on such notable television events as "Live Aid" (an interactive rock concert between Philadelphia and London broadcast worldwide to the largest viewing audience in the history of television), "The Hundredth Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower" (in Paris), "Good Morning Mr. Orwell" (an interactive between Paris, New York, and San Francisco), "The Who—The Final Concert," the first interactive virtual reality "Rave" (between San Francisco and Los Angeles), and many other international events. She has produced major media and business teleconferences including the sale of British Airways, the first five-country interactive digital teleconference for INTELSAT (between New York, Toronto, London, Tokyo, and Sydney), and numerous sporting events including the first high-definition television event for NHK in Japan.

Vicki in 1979 at NASA, looking at the Moonrocks with her father
Ms. Lynn’s experience as a producer started in the theater where she produced many international theater events such as Alice in the Land of the Correct Place in Tokyo, Surfaces at the Marais Center in Paris, the Tokyo Kid Brothers tour of America as well as their debut at the Kennedy Center, and the Japanese Kabuki Dance Theater at the Lincoln Center. Ms. Lynn is the creator, developer, and producer of innovative projects in new media, television, and live satellite productions. As part of her work, she assembles and oversees production teams of specialists in services that include writing, television production, 3D real-time animation, virtual and 3D imaging, virtual and theatrical staging, fund raising, corporate sponsorship, satellite distribution, marketing, media planning, public relations, museum design and installation, multimedia and game design, special effects, international coordination, and financial procurement. She has created and developed projects for international television, the theater, multimedia, location-based entertainment, special events, television commercials, live satellite events, and new media. Ms. Lynn’s formal education was in the traditional performing arts and culture. She studied at Fordham, Julliard, New York University, Yang Ming Shang College of Culture in Taipei, and Sophia University in Tokyo; she speaks four languages including French, Chinese, and Japanese. She is also a collage artist, a dancer, and a performance artist. Ms. Lynn’s work has always been based on bringing art, culture, and technology together in the international arena.

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