Weekly Plan 2
Subject: Literacy Hour
Focus : Discussion/Non fiction-How arguments are presented
Range: Poetry
Year: Group 5&6

Space Junk by Peter Sloan Weekly Plan

Whole Class Shared Reading/Writing:-

    Introduce class to space travel using Guardians Site discuss general issues like why do we explore space
    Share read opening chapter of Space Junk -discuss issues raised about space junk.
    Discuss chapter 2-our junk their junk whose junk?
    Re-write a selected text
    Discuss 'codes' expand to Space junk code

Whole Class-vocab etc:-

    Thesaurus work-words linked to junk
    Descriptive words linked to junk
    Identify difficult words & look at root words

Group work:-

    Select from:

    1. Writing & word task
      Locate following words from first chapter, use a dictionary & write definition to show meaning as used in text.
      (artificial, signals, data, gathered, cost, orbiting, launched, deeper and vunerable)

    2. Reading Task
      Rename the title of each chapter so that it gives an idea of what it is about.

    3. Writing Task
      Teacher selects 10 words from the book and dictates them to group. The children check their spellings using text or dictionary then do 'Look, say, cover, write, check.

    4. Reading Task
      Teacher writes out true or false statements. Pupils write down their initial responses and then group discusses & agrees all responses.

    5. Reading Task
      Teacher compiles list of comprehension questions from text- literal & inferred depending on group abilities.

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