This is the Norwegian winner of ESA's XMM Essay Competition "What's new Mr. Galileo?":

Spacetravelling and Astronomi.

New satellites , spaceship, and spacestasjons ,gives us the possibility to explore new solarsystems and to find new planets that has an atmosphere so we can live on it. To live on a other planet could be the facts in some years ,when the population on the earth would be to big for the ecosystem to handle.
If we are not that lucky, and we have not found any planet who we can live on, maybe the scientists has found out a way to make a planet that is unliveable to be liveable.

If that does not work, there is one last chance that if the scientists have become so good that they actually can build some sort of spaceship that could work by it self an build an ecosystem so it wouldn?t need help whit food from the earth . Then it would make some sort of a new earth.

Worlds biggest challenge.

Like planned the first module will be sent up in a few months. In about 5 years the international spacestation ISS will be finished circling around the world in a height off 350 km. A couple off houndred tons off materials will be sent up in 46 turns, and to put the whole thing together will take more spacewalking than the USA have used in 35 years. More than a billion dollars will be used in this project. Those who co-operate building ISS are the USA, Russia, different countries in Europe, Japan and Canada. ISS will use around 90 minutes to circle around the world. The most important reason for the spacestation is that it can be used as base for a manned spaceflight to Mars.

American scientists have already started planning the first manned flight to Mars. The planning has got far, even though the technical problems are so gigantic it would make the moontrip look like a trip to the shop. The spaceflight will be for vegetarian?s because the food has to be produced onboard.

A new galaxy is discovered. For the first time the astronomers has discovered another galaxy with more then one planet.
The new galaxy is very different then our own . The planets are giant and planet A is very close the star/sun. The closest planet was discovered in 1997. The planet has a volume around 240 times more then the earth ,and circles only 9 miles away from their sun, wile the earth is 150 miles away from our sun.
Maybe if we?re lucky there might be a liveable planet in this galaxy

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