Poems and music by the children at Bredenbury Primary School, UK
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It would be fun to play underneath,
As the clouds go drifting beneath,
As an astronauts sleep
Their families
As the space station drifts by,
Up in the habitats sleep the tired
Astronauts after the important speech.
They are sad about pets
But happy about their experiments.
The crews sleep thinking about
Their families and homes,
As they orbit earth,
Follow its girth

You can’t take pets,
Nor jumbo jets.
You can’t go walking in the countryside,
‘Well’ not yet!

You can’t go to the fair,
Nor sit on a chair.
But you can sit in the air,
And eat a pear.

You can float around,
And not hear a sound.
In sight of my flight,
It will be a bad night.

So say goodbye,
To all on Earth
Cause it will be a long time,
Before I see you again.

Written by Sarah and Kayleigh

Nothing to do
Nothing to see
Except for people saying hi
When sputnik floats by.

It’s like a pigsty
With no bath or no laugh
(Oh I wish I could go home soon.)

By Stephen & Oscar - Aged 10

It was great down at friendly Earth .
But now im in Space great.
I feel good
I feel bad
What is there to do.
Play, sleep and explore the universe.
I miss my family.
Now I am down at Earth .
It was great up in Space.

By Amy - Aged 9

Was it worth it
Going up to space
Then coming back
Just to save the human race.

Was it worth it
Going up to space
To see the stars
And the exploding face
Yes it was
But that’s because
I'm part of the human race.

By Charlotte Hastings - Aged 10

If I was asked to go into space
I don't know what I would say,
But it doesn't seem to be a bad place.

It might be nasty
And I would be rather sad,
I would miss my brother my pets
And of course my Mum and Dad.

It would be fun to play `I spy`
With the clouds below
And watch the space junk
Floating by.

I would miss my bed
And home and sounds
The sights and smells
And ups and downs.

But I want to be the first to go
And see new things in space
Even though I'd miss my friends
I'm sure it would be ace!

By Eleanor & Charlotte - Aged 9

The astronaut and
The moon
The moon is high in the sky
With astronauts floating by
High up in the sky
I give a sigh
Then I say goodbye
To all those astronauts in the sky.

By Robert Hall - Aged 9

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