Coppice Primary School
Aliens from Mars

By Danielle Collier – Class 14

By Zoe Crump – Class 14

The children in Year 6 at Coppice Primary School made Aliens from Mars.

My Alien

I made an Alien called Lupa. He lives on Planet Mars. He needs a special mask because the air is different. He has got two gold arms and he is a boy. He eats rocks and sucks up dust. He doesn’t have to wear a coat.

By Victoria Jane Robinson

Our Alien

This model is made by Leah and Asti. We made this model with card and paper and foam.

Our Alien

We made an Alien and named it Godop. He lives on Planet Mars. He is green with silver eyes and mouth. He has a silver cape with blue and silver swirls. He eats fallen stars and bits of broken up planets. He has 15 brothers and 15 sisters.

By Buket, Gabrielle and Hayley.

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