In the philanthropic sector, SEE CO is an expert in connecting causes with corporate and brand partners and in fundraising.

SEE CO is a pioneer in applying media to inspire, enlighten, and to educate. Vicki is passionate about changing lives through the power of technology and media in philanthropy.

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“In the non-profit world, Vicki brings particular expertise in education, health, and media. Vicki has connected us to major brands such as Mattel, Citi, and Disney, and to a list of 150 of the top brands globally as well as governments ( including Queen Rania of Jordan and Prince Albert of Monaco) and public/private partnership funding. "

Tia Johnston Brown

Managing Director Ashoka’s Youth Venture US

Past iconic projects and clients have included:

  • Youth Venture, a division of Ashoka, which promotes social entrepreneurship for youth.

  • The Berggruen Institute, a global non-profit focused on transforming global governance, collaborating with current and past world leaders and heads of companies.

  • Sedation Paris- Aids organization- TV telethon & Gala.

  • City of Santa Monica- GLOW- site specific art installation with many local and international artists along the beach during 24 hours for 200,000 people

  • The Guardians of the Millennium- the global distance learning project ( which involved the UN, UNESCO, UNIFEM, European Commission, Us Department of Education, and other global organizations.

  • UNESCO, with whom we have a project to provide for mobile learning for girls in developing countries.

  • Vr for Good
  • 1. For Alzheimer’s.
    2. social entrepreneurism for youth.

    "I first met Vicki late in the last century when I was swept away with her dynamism and vision. Vicki had come up with this idea for world game for which she organized and produced the first ever global webcast event which was held at the Millennium Dome (now O2) with over 500 children participating from schools across London connected interactively to schools around the world in an interactive world game. When you are looking for a person with vision and drive who will succeed in anything she does then look no further than Vicki.

    Ron Mehta

    Redbridge Teacher Training (part of the UK Ministry of ED for teacher training)