How to play the Rainforest Adventure:

When you start the game you are given a device called a 'OneDerlink' which will help you to solve the mystery. The 'Onederlink' has several different modes of operation and is very easy to use. When it is talking to you, it prints its messages as ORANGE text.


When you first get your One-Derlink, it is usually in COMMUNICATIONS mode:

To switch into any of the four different modes, use the buttons on the left hand side of the 'OneDerlink'. These are: COMMS, NAVIGATIOR, FACTFINDER and VISUALIZER.

When in communications mode you can click the buttons on the right hand side of the 'OneDerlink' to switch between EMAIL, CHAT and INTERNET. Email is not yet implemented, but will be shortly. Using CHAT, you can talk to other players from around the world while you are playing. Using INTERNET, you can find more information about the issues in our story by browsing our specially selected links.


By clicking on the NAVIGATIOR button on the left hand side of the 'OneDerlink' you switch the device into a TRANSPORTER. Click on the MAP button on the right hand side to call up a map of Pucallpa, Peru. You can use the SECTION button to return to a sub-region if you need to continue investigating the area you are in.

Whenever it looks like you can go no further in a particular area, or you need to get out of the FACTFINER or VISUALIZER, switch the 'OneDerlink' into NAVIGATOR mode and transport to another region.

In FACTFINDER MODE, the OneDerlink can give you more detailed information on particular issues in the story. As you play the game, your OneDerlink will generate FACTFILES when it comes across items of interest. You can read these factfiles in FACTFINER mode as you collect them.



By switching to VISUALIZER mode, your 'OneDerlink' can show you information about how the Earth is doing in the future of 2121. The Visualizer can also tell you how you yourself can make a real difference to your own environment.


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