Global Warming

The Greenhouse effect gets its name because gases in the Earth's atmosphere let the sunlight through to warm the earth, and then trap the heat and prevent it escaping into space - just like the glass in a greenhouse.

Its a good thing for life on Earth that there is a greenhouse effect - without it, the Earth would be almost 60 degrees cooler on average. But as more heat-trapping gases build up in the atmosphere, the greenhouse effect gets stronger, and that isn't a good thing at all.

What can you do?


Turn off the lights. The typical lighbulb is actually a really good heater! Abot 90% of the energy used in an ordinary lightbulb is lost as heat. So, turn off the lights when you're not in a room - and use flourescent lights where you can, because they use a lot less energy.

Turn off televisions, radios, stereos and other electronic gadgets when not in use. They don't use much - but why waste any?

In the summer use fans instead of air-conditioners. Air conditioners use about ten times more energy than fans.

As we learn to save energy, less pollutants get released into the atmosphere.

Encourage your parents to drive less - suggest they learn to ride a bike again! The gases released by car exhausts are highly toxic. If your parents have to drive, ask them to use unleaded petrol.

Remember, knowledge is power. Find out what is happening. Find out who the key players are in changing the negative practices. Can you change what is taking place - even by the smallest amount? Every little helps.

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