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The Art of Earth Imagery

Satellite imagery, also known as Remote Sensing and Earth Observation, has many practical uses, but often its shear beauty is stunning. Pictures from space offer the artist so much scope and put a new perspective to the way we look at the world, both in reality and metaphorically.

There is much untapped potential here...

Create a project that uses images from space. It might be:

  • Abstact Art - an exercise in understanding texture, colour and form using satellite images.
  • Posters to promote a good cause - such as the threat from global warming or destruction of the rain forests.
  • Design a Calendar - select 12 images from space, appropriate for the season. Write a description of each.
  • Create Illusions - select images that look like something else and integrate them into a new picture.

This work can be done on the computer or with paint and paper.

Satellite images are available through the World Wide Web and from many books. Also organisations such as NASA, ESA, NRSA, PPARC will provide education packs of Remote Sensing images.

In addition the theories and effects of pixellation and image resolution can be introduced - how an image looses its form and clarity the more it is enlarged. Also it needs to be understood that there is a limit to the detail that can be seen from space.

Earth Observation images can be found on many web sites - see the Links page.

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