Endangered Species

What can you do?

First you can find out about international and national organisations concerned with saving animals and other wildlife in the rainforest.

Use your resources and those in the learning centre/library to find out about these organisations; what they do, where they are and contact them for further information and details and ideas about the contribution you can make.
Unfortunately, many plants and animals are becoming extinct. Extinction is the natural end of all species, however biologists believe that we are living in an age of mass distinction caused largely by humans.

A good example of a species which was wiped out by man is the 'Dodo', a fat bird that was unable to fly. Find out why the Dodo was wiped out.

The International Council for Bird Preservation (ICBP), works to save endangered birds.

The best way you can save a species if its living happily in the wild is to protect its habitat. The habitat needs to be large enough to support a reasonably large population. By keeping wild areas undeveloped, environmentalists can protect many species at once.

An example of an organisation that does this is the Nature Conservancy, who, with the aid of contributions from members, buys land to keep it from being developed. The Conservancy owns and manages more than 1000 preserves.

Don't buy pets taken illegally from the wild. When you go to your pet shop, ask if the animals were bred in captivity or taken from the wild. You'll be letting the owner know that you don't want wild-caught animals.

Don't buy a product if animals are killed to make it. Ivory comes from dead elephants. Fur coats once kept an animal warm. Dolphins die for your tuna sandwich.

Educate others about the importance of habitat. Encourage your friends and public officials to keep wild areas wild.

Remember, knowledge is power. Find out what is happening. Find out who the key players are in changing the negative practices. Can you change what is taking place - even by the smallest amount? Every little helps.

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