The crew will need to take action against microbial attack.   This will be both scheduled action, such as regular filter cleaning and disinfection of "at risk" areas and systems, and un-scheduled action, such as infection control measures should a crew member become sick.

What if a crew member gets sick?
On the Space Station there is an Emergency Room in the Emergency Escape Module.   It has a pharmaceutical dispensary where drugs are stored and medicines prepared.  Sick crew members can be examined, treated and hospitalized in this module of the station, but it is designed only for short-term emergency treatment and treatments of minor, non-life threatening conditions.  Minor operations and procedures to stabilize a patient's condition can be carried out.  If, however, a patient requires more complex surgery or other treatment for a serious condition, he or she would be returned to Earth, probably by means of the emergency escape vehicle.  Within two hours of leaving the Station they would be in hospital on Earth.


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