Microbiology Bibliography

Edward Mayr                The Growth of Biological Thought      1982

Paul Davies                  Are We Alone?   1993

Paul Davies                  The Fifth Miracle     1999

Paul Chambers             Life on Mars - The Complete Story         1999

Bernard Dixon              Power Unseen - How microbes rule the world  1994

Henry Harris                The Birth of the Cell  1999

Brian Goodwin              Development - Biology: Form and Function 1991

E O Wilson                  The Diversity of Life    2nd Edition    1999

Neil A Campbell             Biology   1993

J W Schopf                  Major Events in the History of Life  1992

Michael Roberts             Biology - Principles and Processes     1993

Dorion Sagan                Garden of Microbial Delights Lynn Margulies

M Madigan et al             Biology of Microorganisms  9th Edition        2000

J J Perry                       Microbiology - Dynamics and Diversity     1997
J T Staley

W B Whitman et al         Prokaryotes: the unseen majority     1998


New Scientist
Scientific American

The Planetary Report




Yellowstone revealed                        World Foundation for Environment and Development
Intimate Strangers                             American Society for Microbiology, Washington




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