What did Henna do?

Hannah should take a break.  It is unwise to work too long without at least a short rest and without food or drink.  Besides, lunch is served from 13:00 to 14:00!


After lunch I have a meeting in the Recreation Module with Eugene Lambert, the Station's Engineer.  Eugene is responsible forthe maintenance of the Station and we have to work together quite often.  I carry out tests for him on various of the life support systems to ensure they are not allowing biological contaminants to pass through the systems.  This includes the air supply and the Waste recycling system.  We also have to monitor any biological agents that may cause damage to the Space Station.  Some microbes can munch metal!

Today, though, Eugene has a special project to undertake.  We will be rendezvousing with a robot spacecraft which has returned from Jupiter's moon Europa.  It has aboard samples of ice and water that were collected by the lander vehicle.  Eugene has to transfer these samples in their containers to a reentryvehicle which will take them back to Earth for analysis.  It is our task on the Space Station to ensure that no biological contamination from Europa can reach Earth.  (Pity, I would have loved to be the first to analyze them!)



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