Robot Arm Module (Lower)


Robot Arm
Provides Storage Space for Water and Supplies

The robot arms are used for many purposes, including space station construction. Building the Station is not as easy as it appears. It has to be put together in the right order, and consideration as to power and habitation requirements is important.

The Space Shuttle uses its robot arm to launch a satellite (left).
© Image: NASA

Constructing a Space Station

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Investigate the Assembly of the International Space Station

Go to ISS Web sites at the NASA Human Spaceflight Mainpage and find out which countries are involved in building the international space station, and what components they are supplying.

Space Station Quiz

1.) What is the name of the first Space Station?

2.) How long does a space station take to orbit the Earth (nearest 15 mins)?

3.) What is an EVA?

4.) Name the automated supply vessel used by the Russian Space Agency and used on the Mir space station.

5.) What shape does liquid form when in microgravity? a) sphere, b) cube c) any shape it cares to.

6.) How many times does a space station orbit the Earth per day?

7.) Which country is not taking part in the ISS program. a) Brazil, b) Italy, c) China

8.) What do solar panels do?

9.) How many manned Skylab missions were there?

10.) What is osteoporosis?

11.) Spacelab is predominantly a) an ESA Project, b) a Russian Project c) a Candaian Project

12.) Will a vacuum cleaner work on the Space Station?

13.) What animal was part of the Crew of Skylab 3?

14.) Are food stuffs on Shuttle Missions generally dried, frozen or fresh?

15.) Proton is a) a Japanese launch vehicle b) a Russian launch vehicle c) a Russian Shuttle

16.) Which module was punctured in the Mir accident?

17.) Which country built the Shuttle Orbiter's robot arm?

18.) Mixed fluids separate more easily in microgravity: true of false?

19.) In which year was the Apollo Soyuz Mission?

20.) What is ESA?


1.) Salyut

2.) 90 Minutes

3.) Extra Vehicular Activity

4.) Progress

5.) a)

6.) 16

7.) c)

8.) Turn light into electricity

9.) 3

10.) Bone degeneration. In microgravity bones tend to degrade through lack of use.

11.) a)

12.) Yes

13.) Spider

14.) dried

15.) b)

16.) Spektr

17.) Canada

18.) False

19.) 1975

20.) European Space Agency

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