Primary Command & Control Centre


Primary Life Support systems
Act as a node point for the attachment of other modules

Main operating centre for Space Station

It is from here that the space station is controlled and administered. Control looks after the station itself, and all its functions, but Administration is for looking after the people aboard, and planning their schedule of work.

Space Stations are not places for idling away time. People who are sent, are sent to work. They are too expensive otherwise. In fact Space Stations are very very expensive. The ISS is one of the costliest projects ever undertaken, and returns in terms of science discovery and knowledge is the goal.

The people who are sent to the Space Station will come from all over the world. They will be highly qualified scientists, doctors and engineers, who will have specialist knowledge in a large number of scientific disciplines. These people, though, will have to be carefully selected, because they will have to live and work together in close proximity.

Project: Crew Selection

You are the Chief of Space Station 2020. We want you to select a new crew member. This crew member must have the right qualifications and personal profile to be able to work with the other six crew members, and yourself. You will need to look at the personal profiles of the other crew members and then assess the three short listed candidates. Choose one.


Required: Person to undertake space science research on Space Station 2020, on a six month contract. The candidate must have the highest academic qualifications and three years experience in space research. He or she should be in excellent health and be prepared to work in a confined location, isolated from the outside world for the duration. The primary task is to undertake an investigation of fluctuations in the solar wind and its relationship to climate change on Earth.


Bio-Medical Scientist and Doctor

Name: Henna Rashid
Age: 34
Sex: Female

Qualifications: Degree in general medicine, Doctorate in Space medicine

Experience: 4 years working at the University of Michigan studying the effects of prolonged exposure in space of organic tissue as post graduate researcher. Previously worked at a hospital in Delhi as an emergency admissions surgeon. Trained at St Thomas' London, UK, 7 years.

Personal Profile: I have studied the effects of space on the human body for over five years. I have examined methods of treatment for various illness associated with living on a space station. As a child I have dreamt of having the opportunity to go into space, while I am in space I hope to continue my research and experience the effect of zero gravity.

Hobbies: Studying Indian classical music

Medical History: Family history of heart problems, but no symptoms to date in subject.

Psychological Profile: Has a tendency to be blunt to people and cannot anticipate impact of her opinions on others - a poor bedside manner for a doctor.

Early Ambitions: I first remember becoming fascinated by space and space stations when the Mir space station returned to Earth. I was in my mountain village in rural India, where there is little light to pollute the majesty of the night sky. It was winter, and the sky was cool and incredibly clear. I remember sitting and watching Orion climb over the eastern peaks. Suddenly, a great streak of blue and red fire flashed across the heavens and momentarily startled me. This was followed minutes later by a loud crack that sounded like thunder.

I was scared, and rushed back towards my house. In my fright I ran into someone in the dark and knocked them to the ground. It was my school teacher, Mr Singh. I helped him up and he asked, "Why the Hurry?". I told him and he laughed. He said I was silly, it was just a piece of the space station coming back to Earth. He saw it on the television. "What's a space station?" I asked, and he told me and opened a whole new world of wonder and possibilities to me. He sensed my interest and arranged special lessons for me in a local town, where I could study science and technology once a week. As I worked, I became determined to enter this world that was so far removed from my early life. My mathematics abilities were not good enough to study physics, but I found biology and life science easy, so I went into medicine as a career. From there I looked for opportunities to follow my ambition to reach up to where that unfortunate space station had come from.

Follow Henna on Spaceship 2020 and learn about Microbiology


Name: Eugene Lambert
Age: 27
Sex: Male

Qualifications: Degree in Electrical Engineering, Professional qualifications in Aerospace Engineering
Experience: Worked as a spacecraft design engineer for the European Space Agency (ESA). Previous experience in government research laboratories in France.

Personal Profile: With my experience I can make the space station work efficiently and find ways to improve it. I believe that I will be an excellent asset to the crew and having worked for ESA I am very experienced.

Hobbies: Reading books about space exporation, both fiction and non-fiction.

Medical History: Slightly overweight, but with the right physical training, will be in exellent physical form.

Psychological Profile: Subject appears to have fears about being alone, from when he was a child. This should cause no problems on the Space Station, though. Can be stubborn and unreasonable if he thinks he is right. Henna has a fear of insects.

Early Ambitions: When I was six I remember my father saying "I remember that. Those were exciting days." "What?" I asked him. He showed me his magazine. It had full page pictures of spacemen standing on another planet. "Where's that?" I asked. "When was that?" he corrected and added, "That was 1969 when the Americans landed men on the Moon. It was thirty years ago this week. It was so exciting. Not like now."

I cut out the pictures and stuck them on my bedroom wall. I wondered why it wasn't exciting any more. The pictures had the word NASA on the badges of the men. I got my older brother to put the word into an Internet search to see if NASA still existed. It came up with 1,593,950 references! We started to check them out and soon found that space was still exciting. Spacecraft were on their way to Mars, Saturn, comets and the asteroids. More were planned for Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter. Space telescopes, such as Hubble, Chandra and SOHO were looking at the stars and the Sun. Two space stations were in orbit - one old, one new - and men were actually living up there all the time!

I told my dad. My mother then complained that she never saw him any more, and my brother complained he could never use his computer, because dad was "on the Net looking at space all the time." However, he supported my interest and when I was twelve he arranged for me to visit my uncle who lived in South America, Guyana to be precise. This is were the European Space Agency launches its missions. The most unforgettable experience of my life, till then was seeing an Ariane 5 rocket launched, live. Uncle got me into the launch centre, too. I met the people who ran the programme. They came from all over Europe. It was certainly an international place. This appealed to me, as well, meeting people from different countries, with different languages and different cultures.

This experience made all the difference when I applied to ESA for a job some years later. I could demonstrate a genuine interest in space and space technology from an early age.


Name: Yoko Nakamora
Age: 28
Sex: Female

Qualifications: Degree in Geology, Doctorate in Planetary Science

Experience: Interpretation of earth observation images for the International Agriculture and Natural Resources Centre for the past five years. One year assignment in Antartic as a post-graduate research scientist.

Personal Profile: My ambition was to tour the world and see all the countries I could. Working on the space station lets me do just that!

Hobbies: Cooking

Medical History: Excellent physical fitness, but slightly under weight.

Psychological Profile: Yoko is modest and quiet. She is prone to tears if someone gets angry with her. She is highly motivated and capable of working unsupervised. She is reliable, tolerant, but will not criticise others even when it is deserved. Yoko dislikes music, particularily piano music, for some reason.

Early Ambitions: As a child I remember being in an earthquake. Our house was damaged and my mother sent me to my grandma in Kyoto. When I arrived I remember my grandfather was watching the television. "No earthquakes up there, Yoko!" he laughed, pointing at the screen. The news was on and was showing the first astronauts arriving at the International Space Station. My grandmother told him off for being an insensitive old fool. I didn't mind. He had a point.

A month later I returned home. But life was never the same. My mother was constantly fearful of earthquakes and so I decided as a naive eleven year old to do something about stopping them. That is how I got interested in geology and space.

One summer I was sent to Florida to a friend of my mother, a piano teacher, to learn English. Her house was on Cape Canaveral. One morning I was having a lesson when the house began to shake. "Earthquake!" I yelled, and got up and rushed outside. My mother's friend followed more slowly, laughing. "No, my child, that's just the Space Shuttle," she said. And there it was, away in the distance, majestically climbing on its long white plume of feathers towards a cloudless blue yonder!

Frantic, I shouted , "Why didn't you take me to see it?"

"Girls aren't interested in space ships," the woman said. I was so angry, but I didn't say anything and spent most of the rest of the vacation in my room! I never did go to the Kennedy Space Flight Centre, but once home I wrote to NASDA and NASA and they sent me posters that covered all sorts of things to do with space - rockets, planets, star charts and images of Earth. This way I learnt so much about the world and the Universe that my school never told me. It was so useful when I came to enter university.

Many years later I entered college as an Earth Sciences student and soon realised that I could combine my interests. Earth Observation - looking at Earth from space - is a geologist's dream. I was determined to experience it first hand, one day.

I never found a way to stop earthqukes, though.

Facilities Manager

Name: Augustus Wole
Age: 39
Sex: Male

Qualifications: Degree in Hotel Catering; MBA; Professional Qualifications in Catering, Nursing, Hotel Management and Hygiene

Experience: 4 Years hotel management, New York. 11 Years as Facilities Manager for the Central African Space Launch Centre.

Personal Profile: I never imagined I could go into space, although I always had an interest. I enjoy making others happy and enjoy seeing their comforts.

Hobbies: Astronomy, fishing

Medical History: General good health, but suffers from intermittent back pain.

Psychological Profile: Augustus is confident, and capable. He gives the impression of well being to those around him. He remains calm in a crisis and is always concerned for the safety of others before himself.

Early Ambitions: In Africa, when I was child the idea of space flight was not even understood by most people, let alone a possibility for a young boy born there. My parents were not poor but were not rich either. I suppose they were wealthier than most for they sent me away to school in Lagos. There I did well and was able to pass a scholarship that allowed me to go to a school in England, when I was eleven.

Nearly all my childhood I lived at places where I was catered for, by others. I learnt more about how to run such a place, be it a school or hotel, than I did from academic lessons. I also knew what I missed and where the services failed. I always thought I could do better if I were in charge.

My school ran a space club after lessons and one of the favourite pastimes was launching water-powered rockets made from plastic bottles. This was the only reason I joined. One day I fired one of these rockets through the window of the head master's study and soaked him. I thought I would be expelled, but he was an understanding man and arranged for me to go to a special space and astronomy summer-school in the annual vacation. I didn't really want to go, but when I got there I found it immensely interesting. It opened a new world to me, but one I thought I could never have anything to do with. I received a certificate at the end of the course, and kept it and I took up astronomy as a hobby.

In the early part of the new millenium some African states realised that they possessed prime space launch sites as they straddled the equator and had a lot of good launch weather. CASLaC was founded and built and I applied to be its facilities manager. It was my summer-school certificate that got me the job, I think. Once there, I never looked back.

Industrial Scientist

Name: Maude Tremblay
Age: 27
Sex: Female

Qualifications: Degree: Chemical Engineering; Doctorate: Industrial process control.

Experience: 3 years as a process control engineer for a major chemical manufacturer. Maude is sponsored on the station by her employer.

Personal Profile: It was never my intention to be an astronaut. I have little interest in space, and little knowledge before I was asked to apply for the post by my company.

Hobbies: Curling, country music.

Medical History: Maude is fit and healthy, but suffers from food allergies.

Psychological Profile: Maude is quietly confident about her abilities. Her weakness is a tendency to flare up at others if only slightly provoked. She has been known to become violent. She is an easy target for anyone who has a mind to provoke her. She was accepted at her company's insistance, but would have been rejected had normal procedures operated. Maude has passion for tidyness and is intollerant of those who fail to meet her standards.

Early Ambitions: One day, when I was about seven, my grandfather read me story by Jules Verne about a giant gun that fire men to the Moon. For some reason it caught my imagination, and for the next two years I drew pictures of the men and their giant cannon, whenever I could. Then some-one told me it wouldn't work. The men would be squidged all over the floor of the capsule that was fired from the gun. I cried for days.

Later, as a more rational teenager, interested in science, I worked out why this would happen - the acceleration, the 'g' force would be so great and it would crush the men under the weight of their own bodies. I told my teacher about my discovery and she was so impressed she recommended that I try a science competition that was being advertised. I had to design an experiment to go aboard a Space Shuttle and write a web page that outlined the idea.

I won. This resulted in a visit to NASA to the Kennedy Space Flight Centre in Florida where I was able to watch my experiment launched. I recall the clear blue sky and the spacecraft lifting off, leaving a soft fluffy trail of white vapour, that looked like feathers from some albino peacock. Magic!

From Kennedy I was taken on to Houston, where NASA has its Mission Control Centre. Here I was allowed to talk with the astronauts and supervise my experiment. The head of Mission Control said, "If ever you want a job reference, LittleLlady, give me a call!" I think he was joking, but I never forgave him for calling me "Little Lady", and so, when I needed a reference I took up his offer. It served me well.


Name: Irina Supranova
Age: 41
Sex: Female

Qualifications: Doctorate in astrophyics

Experience: Trained at Star City as cosmonaut. Three tours of duty on ISS as EVA specialist

Personal Profile: I love space - its majesty, its vastness. I have respect for it. And I want to be there.

Hobbies: Bird watching

Medical History: Excellent general health, but brittle bone symptoms

Psychological Profile: Extremely fast reactions, cool under pressure, but tends to over indulge in the party spirit when off duty, particularly if encouraged by others.

Early Ambitions: My parents and I lived in Leningrad when I was a child. At school our greatest heros were the cosmonauts who risked there lives to go into space. We knew them all, not personally perhaps, but they were as familiar as the stars of Hollywood are to today's teenagers.

I wanted to follow in their footsteps. It would be a great honour, and would bring me respect and fame. I never thought too much about the excitement or risks, and never realised at that time that I would need to train so hard or that the beauty and awe of space would capture my heart for ever.

Somehow, though, at school the oportunities to get anywhere near the space programme just passed me by. My teachers didn't help. My parents weren't interested and they re-directed my education towards becoming a doctor of medicine.

At nineteen I entered medical school, and hated it. Then one day, about half way through my course, as I was walking home listening to my personal stereo, I heard an announcement that new trainee cosmonauts were being sought, for the new commercial space programme. I remembered the phone number given and when I got home, just out of curiosity I called it. An interview was arranged, and to cut a long story short, I was selected, along with three others for cosmonaut training at Star City. I gave up medicine and my life took a new direction.

I made my first trip to the International Space Station on 3rd October, 2005. And from there I never looked back. I was awarded an honoury doctorate in astrophysics for my contribution to science some years later.


Name: Carmen Carrera
Age: 26
Sex: Female

Qualifications: Degree in Physics; Doctorate in Particle Physics.

Experience: 2 Years at CERN studying solar flare activity and the solar wind.

Personal Profile: I come from a large and poor family. I am the first to go to University. I love my work and I want to contribute to the good of mankind in my modest way.

Hobbies: Sewing, painting and mathematical games.

Medical History: Carmen lost both legs in a road accident three years ago, but now has prosthetic attachments which function almost as well as a real legs. Her general health is good, but she suffers from allergic reactions to pollen - hayfever.

Psychological Profile: Carmen is quiet and modest. The car accident may have affected her confidence. She is tolerant of others, both for their opinions and behaviour.

Early Ambitions: My parents were farmers. We lived on the plains where the horizon was low and one could see almost the whole hemisphere of the sky. The movement of the firmament, particularly at night, was something that haunted me from an early age. I wanted to know why it moved. My parents told me stories about a great grinding mill-wheel, but I knew they were wrong - just myths to keep the children quiet.

For years I watched and wondered and thought about it. One day I worked out that the world was like a ball and it turned round and round. I rushed to tell my mother, but she already knew and was disappointed and satisfied at the same time. I knew I had the ability to think and work things out. I felt that even if I couldn't control the world, at least I could understand it. It no longer seemed so frightening.

From then was I determined to follow a career in science.

Name: Tanya Glovoff
Age: 48
Sex: Female

Qualifications: Degree in Chemistry; Masters: Solar Chemistry and Physics; Doctorate: Atmospheric Chemistry.

Experience: 25 years at the Academy of Science in Moscow, studying the atmosphers of stars and planets.

Personal Profile: I enjoy the challenge of scientific discovery. You cannot be dishonest with science, or it will catch you out. Science allows me to work for myself at my own pace. The chance to work on the Space Station will re-invigorate my energy, and drive me to greater things.

Hobbies: Astronomy, piano playing and listening.

Medical History: Suffered from clinical depression in her twenties, but that is controlled by drugs, now. She is physically fit for her age, but slightly over weight. She may be prone to osteoporosis, but this too can be prevented by treatment at an early stage.

Psychological Profile: Tanya has turned down the opportunity of a directorship at the Academy three times. She is dedicated to her work, but admits she has made few discoveries or contributions to science in the last decade. She is famed at the Academy for her wild behaviour and dancing outside working hours.

Early Ambitions: As a small girl I remember visiting the space museum in Moscow. The rockets - their size and shape always impressed me. When I was about twelve, I met a boy who experimented with making his own rockets. He even made his own solid fuel. I was captivated and would go round to his home to help. One day though, his experiment blew up and he lost a hand. I realised how dangerous the things we did, were, and I decided to pursue my studies in chemistry at school rather than dabble blindly in a dangerous pastime. My chemistry teacher was helpful and soon fired up a general interest in the subject in me. He also introduced me to a local astronomy society, of which he was a member, and I soon became a keen amateur astronomer.

My parents bought me a telescope for my high school graduation, and I went on to University. At college I studied chemistry, but I maintained my interest in astronomy, so that when I graduated I was able to continue work by combining the two subjects. I became an astro and solar chemist!

Name: Michael Frost
Age: 29
Sex: Male

Qualifications: Degree in Astrophysics; Masters: Astrophysics; Doctorate: Astrophysics - Solar Coronal Activity.

Experience: 2 years Post Doctoral Research NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Solar Physics

Personal Profile: I have made several of the most important discoveries concerning the relationship between the Sun and the Earth's climate, this century. Working on the Space Station will enhance my reputation and enable me to reach my career goal of heading up a space agency.

Hobbies: Canoeing, jetskiing, mountain biking, marathon running.

Medical History: Excellent health. One of the fittest people I have ever examined.

Psychological Profile: The candidate is over-confident and somewhat arrogant when interviewed. His current employer reports that he has difficulty getting along with others, particularly with people not as bright and fit as he is. That's most of the population. It is not recommended that he supervise others. They would not meet his high expectations. He may have a problem relaxing, which he considers to be idleness, something he hates.

Early Ambitions: I come from a good family and my father always taught me to be first or the best in whatever I do. "Treat life as a game and always win." is what he said. I took this to heart and that has been my credo, all my life.

When I was in junior highschool I realised that my success ultimately depends on me, and me alone. Others can't help you achieve your goal. Your destiny depends on your own efforts and to get there you have to be better than everyone else, even if it means pushing them out the way.

I wanted to go into space from an early age because space exploration demands the best of the best. And that is me. It will boost my ego and I will be able to show off to my colleagues what a superior talent and interlect I have. I know I will excell as a space scientist, I have no doubts. Experience in space will enable me to tick another box in my struggle to reach the top of my profession - a box that most other candidates for the top jobs won't be able to complete.

Name: Albert Lapierre
Age: 22
Sex: Male

Qualifications: Degree in Physics. (No Honours, pass result only)

Experience: School Teacher: 2 years. 5 years as a patent clerk third class, Zurich office.

Personal Profile: I have made several fascinating discoveries about the nature of the Universe, time and energy. I predict that the things I have found out will change the way that we look on the World, space and our whole Universe.

Hobbies: Reading, thinking

Medical History: The candidate has flat feet and varicose veins. He performed poorly during the physical tests, which left him dizzy and exhausted and admits he hates excercise and sports.

Psychological Profile: The candidate displays some strange person habits. For instance he wears no socks. He is somewhat untidy in appearance and appears forgetful about everyday things. He has a habit of putting his tongue out at people for no apparent reason. He has problems with authority, and has a tendency to depend on other people to take care of him. By contrast, he tries to keep everyone happy and will avoid facing personal and emotional problems if he can. He is unique, though, in his total devotion to his work.

Early Ambitions: A few years ago I wrote my Plans for the Future. I said, "Besides, it is also a natural thing for a serious young man that he should form for himself as precise an idea as possible of the goal of his desires. . . . I imagine myself becoming a professor in mathematics and physics, choosing the theoretical parts of them. . . . One always likes to do those things for which one has talent. Besides, there is also a certain independence in the scientific profession that greatly pleases me." I got poor marks, but it proved right.

Later I wrote, "If I were to have the good fortune to pass my examinations, I would go to Zurich. I would stay there for four years in order to study mathematics and physics. I imagine myself becoming a teacher in those branches of the natural sciences, choosing the theoretical part of them. Here are the reasons which lead me to this plan. Above all, it is my disposition for abstract and mathematical thought, and my lack of imagination and practical ability. "

I failed my exams and wrote "I have given up the ambition to get to a university ... ", but I tried again and this time I made it.

My parents were not supportive of my ambitions - I don't think they ever understood. However, I found many of my teachers and friends would assist where and whenever I needed it. If it hadn't been for them I would not have passed my exams. This is one of the most important things a person can receive from life. Always appreciate what they can do for you. And never give up. I did eventually get to university.

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