Secondary Command & Control Centre


Secondary Back-up life support systems
Act as a node point for the attachment of other modules

Back-up operating centre for Space Station

The space station has a back-up control module, which was used during the construction of the station and can now be kept in case of emergency. The equipment and controls are similar to those in the main control module. The normal fuction of the module is to distribute power, data, communication, atmosphere and water services to the surrounding modules.

This Space Station is operational in the year 2020. What is the history of Space Stations?

Press to find out.

A Communication Game

Coping in an emergency is the key to staying alive when things go wrong on a Space Station. Much effort in training is put into emergency procedures, but when they happen, almost always, you will never have trained for what occurs. Your skill, level-headedness and ingenuity will be required.

So here is a game to help you train for a simple emergency.

Project: Space Whispers

One astronaut is just about to enter the EVA hatch, a second is in the back-up command module, the other six are all in level one. There has been an unexplained systems failure which has left the internal communications system down and the air lock door between level one and two won't open.

The second astronaut has to get a message through to the six in level one, which will enable them to open the faulty air lock door. He cannot get through to them on the intercom, neither can he talk directly to the EVA astronaut. He must use sign language through the window to give the message to the EVA astronaut, who will then walk up the outside of the space station to level one and convey it through a window to one of the six astronauts there.

Amongst your friends, devise a type of sign language that can be used if you were wearing a space suit (a motorbike helmet and large gloves may help here). Using a minimum of three people, one composing a secret message, transfer it via the second to the third and see if it still makes sense.

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