Welcome to Mars!

We have touched down in the Mariner Valley, a great canyon that stretches thousands of kilometres across the planet.

To drive Marti, you'll need to use our special remote control unit. We've made two versions so that everyone can explore Mars. The best version, "Remote-1" requires the FLASH plugin in order to run. If you don't have the plugin, but would like to get it, click here

The second version, "Remote-2" does not require any plugin to work, but we recommend that you use "Remote-1" if you can because it runs faster.

When you get the remote, you'll have two widows open on your screen, like this:


Use the Remote Control to drive Marti around the crater. Each time he stops one of the three "investigation" buttons will flash. Click on it and Marti will download the data into your browser window.

To bring either window to the front, just click anywhere on it.

Now, pick the remote you want to use, and give it a little time to load:


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