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Space Trash Adventure Comic Book Online

This is a comic book style adventure story with built in games and nuggets of knowledge. Follow the story of Sister Orbit and Melina Firestar and help save the world from pollution by the the evil Blades.

'Collect the Trash' Space Trash Game 1
requires Shockwave plug-in

1.Wearing your EVA suit and MMU jet pack, fly through orbit and collect space trash by maneuvering yourself within range of a piece of debris. Launch your handgrappler at the piece of debris by clicking your mouse button, and reel in the handgrappled piece.

2.Dodge pieces of space trash that are traveling too fast to collect. If a space trash projectile hits you, your multishock shields will weaken.

'Zap the Satellites' Space Trash Game 2
requires Shockwave plug-in

1.. Fly through the inclination of the communication satellite constellation and dodge BladeNet infected satellites.

2.. Manoeuver yourself into close range and zap the infected satellite by clicking the mouse to change the BladeNet virus to a harmless Onepoxy.

3.. Travel through the orbit and disinfect all ten satellites.

'Build a Satellite' Space Trash Game 3
requires Shockwave plug-in

You must guide your ship and use it to collect pieces of space trash. Bring them back to your base to build a weather satellite from the recycled pieces. Aviod contact with the evil blades space doid. Good Luck!

Space Station Docking Game
requires Shockwave plug-in

Docking is one of the most hazardous operations in space flight, second only to take-off. So do you want to try your hand at this manual docking game

Steer the spaceraft to safe dock. Arrow keys controls up/down left/right and <> keys control acceleration/deceleration. Your speed when docking should be under 4.

Play the Microbiology Challenge