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The e-Learning Universe The e-Learning Universe Company (ELU) is an educational technology and media company that sculpts the distance learning experience to replicate classroom and apprenticeship interactions to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our mission is to commercialize a platform that allows for interactive classroom and apprenticeship experiences which provide highly effective distance learning and professional development opportunities for the k12 market, universities, vocational, non profits, and learning for life.

The Guardians of the Millennium is a global educational project that is in classrooms in over 139 countries and was developed with the support of the United Nations, The European Commission and many educational organizations in Ireland and the UK including National Grid for Learning . Each year SEE produces events and in 1999 it was a contest with the European Space Agency and in 2000, it was a World Gamse web cast which tied in with the Worlds Fair in Hanover, Germany, sponsored by the European Commission and sponsors. It was viewed as a web cast and a TV news feature in more than 40 countries and on Internet news sites. The usage report was in the millions. The project can be viewed at Click on World Game.

The Guardians of the Millennium TV

Developed as a TV series for children's television worldwide. Using 3D motion capture, the adventure series inspires kids to safeguard the planet.

It's Your Call

A global concert, TV special, and world game to raise awareness on the issues of the Digital Divide with major teen pop stars.

Angel Perfume

Paris-SEE developed an integrated media project for Angel perfume for the 10th anniversary .

Enlightenment Through Shopping a convergence project for TV and The web- a comedy TV series with a convergence web shopping


A global television event to raise money and awareness for Africa that was interactive between London and Philadelphia with major music stars. Vicki Lynn served as producer for the MTV feed for Worldwide Sports and Entertainment.

The Hundredth Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower

A live event with 5000 performers produced a s a global television special. Vicki Lynn served as producer and was responsible for bringing in Radio City Music Hall productions to cover the global television production and distribution.

The Wedding Dress

A site specific global art project for the artist's Miralda's Wedding Dress that was 5 tons and 12 stories high for the Marriage of the Statue of Liberty and Christopher Columbus for the 500 Anniversary Celebrations. The Wedding dress was on display In The World Trade Center. Vicki Lynn served as producer and generated sponsorship and global news.

The Sale of British Airways

SEE produced a global teleconference for the sale of British Airways into multi site financial centers and produced the event for the first day BA was traded on the New York Stock exchange as a global news event.

Good Morning Mr. Orwell

A global television special interactive between Paris at the Pompidou Center , and PBS Studios in New York and San Francisco featuring performance artists like Laurie Anderson , Peter Gabriel and hundreds of performers in Paris . Vicki Lynn served as producer for PBS New York.

The Who

The Final Concert- Live form Toronto Canada broadcast as closed circuit into college campuses across the US. Vicki Lynn served as associate producer. Art and collages from Vicki Lynn 1970-2001


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