Satellite Education and Entertainment


SEE provides a full service consultancy, services include working with the client as well as their advertising, marketing, and PR departments to reposition or reinvent their global brand for new media. Services also include designing and repackaging brands and products for all media for marketing and promotion. SEE provides consultant services in all areas of branding from developing strategies for products to Integrated marketing, PR and event concept and production for all media.

Our services include creating strategies and implementing them as well as advising clients. Our expertise is in creating branded events and media that are interconnected and interactive with a cross media based experience that includes TV, mobile and online

Distance Learning and education media are services that SEE is producing. (



The goal of SEE's consultancy service is to increase awareness and sales of the clients product, brand or company profile. Our expertise in developing content designed to reach to the current and next generation of customers in a hip environment that bridges the client's brand with contemporary culture, digital arts and occurs in the digital space as well. What is unique here is the connection of all these different media and the interactivity and audience participation. This connection becomes the platform for the company's branding-At the bridge of each of these different media is the Client's Connection -



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