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SEE takes care of your project in its entirety, working directly with you from the very germ of the idea all the way through to its production, distribution and media public relations. SEE's unique approach skillfully links integrated live events while targeting TV, video news releases, radio, websites, web casting, and mobile text to donate and content for promotion, entertainment, and global branding. Projects are designed for live events, TV, Internet, mobile, distance learning and Special Events.

A one-stop shop, SEE's services include hiring and overseeing the creative development of all aspects of media production. Services include providing the graphic designers, writers, gamers, live event producers, TV and web casting, sponsorship procurement and legal and marketing services. SEE's experts work with the clients to create a campaign that exemplifies the best Public Relations and Sales Objectives, often tying in various global organizations through cause-related components, blending humanitarian aims with business goals. SEE has been bringing people together through live satellite events and now integrated media events that touch all media worldwide.

SEE also provides a full service consultancy, services include working with the client as well as their advertising, marketing, and PR departments to reposition or reinvent their global brand for new media.


Company profile

Vicki Lynn, president of SEE has served as producer on many live satellite television and closed-circuit events and teleconferences, web and mobile projects for entertainment, education, business and sports, including events such as The e-Learning Universe, The Millennium Dome Event in London, a global distance learning project, "The Guardians of the Millennium" used in classrooms in over 100 countries, "Live Aid," originating live from London and Philadelphia, "The Hundredth Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower," "Good Morning Mr. Orwell, a 3 country interactive satellite event in 1985 aired on PBS, the first five-country interactive teleconference for INTELSAT, the first NHK High Definition event, the Hagler/Hearn's fight, the IPO sale of British Airways and the first day it traded on the NY Stock Exchange and numerous other special events and music events for television worldwide. She was a pioneer in producing live satellite events and was responsible for producing some of the first closed circuit events including "The Who, The Final Concert and Devo in 3D. She was a pioneer in creating webcontent and is now producing events and bringing people together internationally utilizing all the medium:,TV, web, webcasting, mobile content and text to donate, simultaneous events, and video news for worldwide news.

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